Passages Malibu: The Most Prestigious California Rehab Center

With a revolutionary holistic addiction philosophy and incredible high-tech amenities, Passages Malibu is redefining exactly how luxury California rehab centers should approach drug and alcohol addiction. Our 10-acre campus in Southern California blends Eastern and Western therapies and holistic activities into a comprehensive luxury rehab treatment program that lets clients recover from any drug and alcohol addiction for good.

Our award-winning California rehab center heals in mind, body and spirit. The Joint Commission gives Passages Malibu the Gold Seal of Approval for its science-based luxury rehab approach, which develops a unique drug and alcohol treatment program based on the individual needs of each client. Only 6% of all luxury rehab centers in the nation have received the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.

Other distinguishments include:

  • Healthcare Global ranks Passages Malibu as the “No.1” luxury rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction in existence.
  • Forbes Magazine highlights our holistic addiction treatment services as “most luxurious”.

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The Most Qualified California Rehab Center

Passages Malibu passes an abundance of resources onto each client so that they have the knowledge and experience needed to appropriately reflect upon the many different aspects of drug and alcohol addiction. We dedicate a full spectrum of Treatment Team specialists who will help clients move away from drugs and alcohol using a variety of holistic treatment techniques.

The following specialists are part of the rewarding journey to permanent sobriety:

  • Doctors
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Physical trainers
  • Vocational nurses
  • Many other licensed specialists

The members of a client’s Treatment Team meet every week to share data and formulate new strategies, which are then applied to one-on-one holistic addiction treatment sessions. A client typically receives between 55-70 hours of one-on-one treatment per month at our California rehab center.

The one-on-one treatment sessions offered at Passages Malibu include a mixture of traditional therapies and holistic addiction treatments. The conventional principles of psychotherapy and life counseling combine with alternative luxury rehab methods such as art therapy, sound therapy, massage and acupressure, yoga and meditation, physical training, adventure therapy and much more.

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About Chris and Pax Prentiss

Chris and Pax Prentiss began Passages Malibu in 2001 as an answer to the antiquated philosophy and counterintuitive practices of California luxury rehab centers at the time. During his time of need, California luxury rehab centers told Pax they had no permanent solution for his numerous drug and alcohol addiction.

Aside from not helping him fully resolve his addiction to drugs and alcohol, the luxury rehab centers called Pax an addict with a disease. This stereotyping took its toll on Pax’s psyche and made him relapse to escape the shame and humiliation. He was ready to find help, but he did not find success by proclaiming that he was helpless like they asked him to.

Chris and Pax gave up on California luxury rehab centers and decided to research the problem from a new angle. Pax was eventually able to use a variety of alternative holistic addiction treatments to look within himself and identify what was causing his drug and alcohol addiction. Depression, general anxiety and a poor self-image were responsible for his addiction to drugs and alcohol (which, he learned, was also not a disease).

With the help of his father, Pax conquered his addiction to drugs and alcohol and then founded Passages Malibu. Passages Malibu is a Southern California rehab center that uses a combination of luxury rehab and self-empowerment to impart the skills that clients need to master their drug and alcohol addiction.

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