The Passages Philosophy

The philosophy of Passages allows for true holistic healing in mind, body and spirit at our California rehab center. First made available in 2001, the Passages philosophy outlines a real holistic approach that will reverse the suffering caused by drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit:

  • Mind – Drug and alcohol counseling and therapy is life-changing for many people. Clients receive over 55 hours of one-on-one luxury rehab therapy every month from licensed therapists as part of their luxury rehab program. These sessions are designed to make them think differently about addiction and form healthy outcomes.
  • Body – Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse can create nutritional deficiencies, weakened muscle tone and other unforeseen health complications. Our personal trainers give you the endurance needed to overcome these issues and thrive. Massage therapy and other special treatments can help the body remove impurities faster during an all-natural detox.
  • Spirit – Many people wonder if they will be able to reintegrate into society and function normally once they get sober. Our counselors are trained to identify and dispel common misconceptions before they get a chance to grow and sabotage your sobriety. With our help, you can work through interpersonal conflicts with friends and family, and ultimately develop a meaningful life purpose using your own natural talents and skills.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, our holistic healing approach can absolutely help. Call 866-520-1151 to receive valuable information from our Admissions Department about holistic healing at the Passages Malibu drug and alcohol California rehab center.

Customized Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

The philosophy of Passages infuses Eastern and Western treatments into a single California rehab center, and our luxury rehab setting has an unmatched selection of holistic addiction treatments. Passages Malibu earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission based on its client-centered holistic approach, a distinguishment which only 6% of all luxury rehab centers across the nation have ever received.

A full team of therapists will form a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program specifically with you in mind. Your bloodwork and other chemical test results, therapy sessions and other key datapoints will determine which luxury rehab holistic addiction treatments will be the most effective. The therapists will hold meetings every week to adjust the drug and alcohol addiction treatment program as necessary.

To learn more about our holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction using only methods that are science-based and all-natural, call 866-520-1151.

What Causes Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Passages Malibu is a California rehab center that holistically heals hundreds of clients every year by showing them the real reasons behind their drug and alcohol addiction. Understanding what causes an addiction to form is an eye-opening experience that allows true change to take place. It is much easier to remain sober once the reasons behind drug and alcohol addiction have been addressed.

The four causes behind drug and alcohol are:

  1. Chemical imbalance
  2. Unresolved events from the past
  3. Beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true
  4. Inability to cope with current conditions

There could be a single cause behind your addiction, two causes, three, or it could be all four. You and your team of therapists will carefully dissect your drug and alcohol addiction to extract the root causes. Many people are relieved to find that their actions and decisions, which often feel beyond their control at the time, can have a logical explanation.

Luxury California Rehab with a Progressive Philosophy

The philosophy of Passages combines high-tech amenities with patience and compassion. When you or someone you love is ready to get help, please call 866-520-1151 for the best holistic therapy treatments and an all-natural detox from drugs and alcohol. You’ll be glad you did.